Look Ma, No VM! Taking Azure Web Sites to the limit.

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Azure Web Sites is not just for sites – we can also host services, and the offering continues to expand with the recent additions of staged publishing, background jobs, and backup/restore capabilities. Augmented by a lightweight “git push” deployment story and useful diagnostic options, Azure Web Sites provides a lot with very low management overhead. We explore the boundaries of what’s possible with the Azure Web Sites feature set, investigating Web API hosting, deployment customization, staging sites, web jobs, backup/restore, and more. We’ll build out a comfortable build/test/deploy/test/promote workflow along the way.

About Aidan Ryan:
Aidan Ryan got his start programming text adventures in GW-BASIC and hasn't looked back since. He is a .NET developer specializing in client-side technologies and web services, and employs these skills as a Solutions Architect at Magenic. Aidan is excited about the fast pace of innovation in web technology. He enjoys recording and performing music, comics, LEGO, and comedy.