Oakland, CA

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Aug 8, 2017


(Ey3) am an "Omni" type of individual who's on a spiritual journey to grow, explore, evolve, expand, understand "All" throughout life & the "Alternative Lifestyles" communities, etc. 💛OneLove💜

Who's some of your favorite artists?

(Ey3) have love for "All" music especially instrumental sounds/beats, etc. Hip-Hop there are so many but love the many conscious MC's like "KRS-One", etc.

What's your favorite venue in the bay and why?

Hiero Day since invited to the first event in Oakland... An opportunity to meetup with those who have a true LOVE for underground hip-hop/rap, etc. (Awe~some!)

If you could have one superpower what would you want it to be?

A higher consciousness like our ancestors & the internal power of energy to rejuvenate within mind, body, spirit, etc. (Omniologist)~(Emulat3)