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This group is for admirers of Congressman Ron Paul and those who are interested in seeing the United States of America return to Constitutionally limited government, sound money and the ideas and principles that made this country the greatest on Earth. While the Campaign for Liberty is now in full swing, there were many people who were disappointed to see the old meetup go. Even though I couldn't keep up with it all on a regular basis, I know I enjoyed being able to go in and read the forwarded news articles and commentary the group members submitted. I have spoken to several others who feel the same. There are no plans for physical meetups at the moment, as I do not want to diminish the local C4L's efforts. Nor will anyone be harassing or haranguing you to volunteer for Ron Paul type candidates (at least not for a year or so, anyway). I just want the sense of online community that was here before, and the ability to rally the troops quickly should something important hit here locally in our backyard. I'm looking forward to "seeing" you all again. Enjoy!

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