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How to Speak so People "Get You"

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Every 2 weeks on Tuesday until July 8, 2019

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I'll be the first to say it... It hurts to be misunderstood

It hurts even more if you really mean well or were just trying to explain your point of view and the person becomes defensive and it becomes a weird verbal sparring/debate rather than a healthy exchange of feelings, stories, opinions, and ideas.

This meetup will focus on 2 parts of misunderstandings...

1) Handling your emotional state when these situations come up and a better way to think about things
2) How to ask questions and deliver your thoughts and opinions in a way that promotes a healthy conversation and exchange of ideas.

There's the myth not to talk about politics, religion, or money.

And I understand why this is a decent recommendation... when someone doesn't have the skill set to navigate these topics that typically have a lot of self-identity and emotions packed into them.

Now, for the sake of the meetup, we won't be talking about highly sensitive adrenaline/cortisol spiking topics, but...

We will practice skills to manage our reaction to the people in life who are less than open to alternate points of view.

Here's what we'll cover through brief explanation and a handful of dynamic/engaging exercises...

- Rapporting - playing with body language and our words to watch what enhances and takes away from our rapport with others
- Replacing "but" with "and" -- why the word "but" programs people for defensiveness and what happens when we change the discussion
- The "Yes ... and ..." method for greater agreement even on topics of apparent conflict -- this technique is used both in improv and by Tony Robbins when he's helping people change unhelpful limiting beliefs
- The audit process from Chris Voss's "Never Split the Difference" -- this simple technique will change the way you approach tough conversations

I am excited to meet you all there and expect it will be a great evening!