[Warning Weird] How to Short Circuit your Social Anxiety with Laughter and Play

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Every 2 weeks on Tuesday until July 8, 2019

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Alright! This is gonna get WEIRD...

and if you're willing to embrace a bite-sized chunk of discomfort with some strangers in a safe place on a Tuesday night...

I predict, you will have an experience that will set the stage for a greater comfort in your future social engagements (and public speeches) that will compound (as in get stronger) over time.

"But Chris, what the hell are you talking about?" you might be asking right about now...

And what I'm talking about is me revealing my "social state shortcut"

Yep, it's so damn automatic that I take it for granted AND the easiest way to learn it???

Playing, laughing, and stepping into a new (more resourceful) emotional state...

And we're gonna do it the fastest (and most fun) way I know how...

Games of laughter to promote neuroplasticity rewiring, an indoor snowball fight and playing with legos in a collaborative way to promote divergent thinking (crucial for conversation) as well as some other creative games.

Hope you all make it. I’m excited!!