Beyond the Toolkit - Spreading a Design System Across People & Products

Be Curious by Idean | Paris
Be Curious by Idean | Paris
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Backelite is proud to welcome Nathan Curtis, ( Design Systems expert and co-founder of EightShapes. He will explain us how to create and implement a Design System and how to make it visible to everyone.

"A design system is made up of parts: visual style, UI components, code, editorial, and often more. We know how to design, build, deliver them is like any other digital product development process. And there’s the rub: your system is a product in and of itself, applied to an enterprise's ecosystem of other products built by autonomous teams of designers and developers.

Your strategy needs answers to “What products will use it, when and to what
extent?” “Who’s our audience?” “Who participates and contributes?”
“What groups must we align with?” “Who wants it, and — really — who doesn’t?”

We’ll explore ways to identify and prioritize how to engage your enterprise’s people and products as you spread and sustain a system over time." Nathan Curtis