Bead/Trunk Show

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We are having our semi-annual bead/trunk show on Nov 12th and 13th !! Yes TWO DAYs!

Saturday, Nov 12th, 1-6pm, and Sunday, Nov 13th, 10a-4pm

This vendor is AWESOME! If you've been to any of the previous ones, people wait for him to come to town. And he has MORE interesting, expensive, and unique beads than ever before. He has breath taking faceted materials from India, China, and elsewhere. This is in addition to the high grade, wholesale priced, gemstone materials he always brought.

Last show, people were overwhelmed with the new materials, and hadn't planned on what they would find. They've been waiting for him to come back -- prepared for his treasures -- this time.


As a foot note, we are closing the retail business for good. By about Nov 30th. I am considering keeping the wholesale business, and higher-end business, and perhaps going mobile (with a van/truck around town) or just doing shows and craft fairs. I can't physically do the retail stuff any more, but I love the higher end materials, and would love to still bring them to those who also appreciate them. But I am clearing out the 5802 Douglas St location for other use. The retail/wholesale shop will be gone.

Everything in the shop is being marked to go. All the lower end (trade, promo, machine-cut, etc) beads are being cleared out. Some at below whole sale. All the dyed beads, synthetics, and similar are all designated to go. These are the beads that are very popular in the trendy jewelry and offer great profit margins. I need to clear out the pearls, seed beads -- all of them -- Chinese, Japanese, Czech, all of them. I want to clear out all the plastic beads -- the pony beads "candy" beads, etc. I want to clear out all the machine cut GEMSTONE beads and lower end promo/craft beads. I also have a lot really nice glass beads, and I'm willing to clear them out too, but they are popular in the craft/show circuit, so I'm willing to box those up if I need to.

I'm also selling some of my private stash, higher end materials, and unique beads. These are sort of by appointment, as they are not out for the general public. I'm not discounting them, but I'm willing to sell, which is enough for some people ;) These beads will be available closer to November, as I get more of the other stuff out of the way.

All my precious metals -- gold filled, sterling, etc -- are priced to go. They are priced *AT* wholesale. IF you buy more than $300, I'll offer another 10% off on them. That would put them below most wholesale. I have a lot of rounds, crimps, crimp-ends (of all sorts and sizes), earring parts (random stuff), wire, tubes/twists, etc. Also a lot of Bali silver random beads that if they don't go in the next two weeks I'll put into random packages by weight. There are rounds, tubes, spacers, toggles, etc. I don't want to carry around or store silver or gold, so I want to sell it all. *BUT* as precious metals, they have intrinsic value which I'm not going to go below. Below wholesale, but not below cost.

I have a lot of "craft" stuff, from origiami paper to quilling paper, and odds/ends random things from our retail shop days.

I have a *LOT* of sterling/gemstone pendents I've taken in on trade. I'm looking to clear them out. I DO NOT have a lot of chain! So that is up to you! They are standard (and higher end) settings, Israeli silver, etc. Some Roman glass. Some crystals. All sorts of stuff.

I also have made kits of random (but related) materials, from lower end colorful stuff, to higher end materials that are too expensive for most people to afford in full strands, and to get the variety. These kits are limited, and come in reusable cases (nice ones). We might be making more, but if we do, they will most likely be higher end -- $50 and up -- as we try to collect and move all the lose beads we've generated over the years.

Hours are Thursdays 4-8 and Saturdays 1-6. Other hours by appointment.

Appointment works this way: You need to agree to spend at least $200. I don't care if it's 1 person, or 10. When you arrive, you purchase a gift certificate for $200, cash/credit in one transaction (you divide it up between you). Your purchases are deducted from that, and if you don't purchase $200, you will get a gift certificate credit for the balance. I leave a 2 hour window for your shopping/browsing.

If you know you will purchase a LOT of materials, I offer a $1000 option. You will get 5 $200 certificates. Plus a $75 certificate. You can use them as gifts, or just to keep coming back. Is it a "risk" ?? Not if you know what I have in inventory. But it's your choice. If you know you will spend it, it's $75 "free" money. The gift certificates will not expire, so if I do go mobile, or do the show circuit, any remaining will be valid, *BUT* I can't promise anything after November 30th. I have plenty of higher materials :)