Designer Day!


We have always supported those who make and sell jewelry for a living.

We offer special services, and features just for you!

One is we always had extended hours (and even when we were closed, stayed open) on Thursdays, so you could get those last minute things you needed for your weekend shows. We know that Fridays you are packing and/or setting up, and Saturdays and Sundays you are selling.

Existing business customers will be grandfathered in, just bring your Tax ID, and we will give you a new card, and set you up.

New customers can get signed up with their tax ID, and a minimum purchase requirement.

Once in the program, there is no minimum purchase amount.

As we get to know your style, your likes, and what you use a lot of we will make sure to always have it on hand for those last minute emergencies. Sure, you could order on the Internet and pay overnight shipping, and hope it arrives in time, but isn't it easier to know that you can just pick it up at regular price, any time?

We are looking at other loyalty programs, and while people love cards, and automated programs, sometimes the good old fashioned notebook works just as well. And isn't dependent on you remembering to bring you card, the machine working, or the internet connection being "up".

We are also looking at other loyalty programs for regular, non-business customers. So, your input is welcome.

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