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Past attendees learned many things including how to: * Open their Psychic & Intuitive Awareness * Read and see Chakras * Do Chakra Cleansing * Remote View Future Possibilities * Do Energy Healings * Do Distance Healings * Do Group Manifestation * Use Hypnosis to beat blocks* Release Anxiety, Remove Confusion * Meditate & Focus * Make Sense of Life * Truly Love Themselves * Astral Travel & Interpret Dreams * Open Connection to their Guides, Angels & 'God' * Find Friends they can count on * Cultivate Authentic Romantic Connections * Attract more Prosperity from Life (business/other) *


Do YOU feel something isn't quite right with the world? Do you feel 'different' in a good way but can't fully explain it? Seeking help on how to bring out the "superhuman" in you? This group is for YOU; those seeking for (or who already know) the incredible power within. Christ centered and open to all spiritual seekers regardless of background or denomination. Learn to 'Master' the Light within and Be A Master® of your Life. Monthly Meetups, Meditations and Special Events are all lead by best-selling author, keynote speaker, and Holistic healer, Dr. Theo Kousouli (All book / learning materials can be found at http://www.BeAMASTER.com )

Join Dr. Theo Kousouli and your fellow Masters & never look back at your life the same way again!

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Psychic Empowerment, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing Classes & More (L.A.)

*REGISTER NOW for SEPT class 9/25/19 Wed. - Basics of Remote Viewing future potentials!!! & Meditation, Telepathy, Clairvoyance & Psychic exercises ... Be A Master® Psychic Ed. Classes schedule (subject to change): -=- *Time: 7 - 8:30/9 pm nightly. *Cost: 50$ per class/student/date. *Location: 6404 Wilshire Blvd LA, CA 90048 #700 *Map: https://drkousouli.com/new-patients *Parking free (after 6 pm), on Orange and sixth streets. *New students are accepted into classes, and can follow along. ____ABOUT BAM - (Be A Master®) CLASSES & SEMINAR EVENTS___________ Be A Master® Psychic training classes are for those seeking to unleash the incredible light within. Students are trained to connect to their psychic abilities in order to perform amazing remote viewing techniques as taught in workshops and BE A MASTER (beamaster.com) book series. Each class is different and usually involves a lecture, group exercises & guided meditation. Teaching is Christian based, but open to all regardless of religious denomination. TOPICS: MANIFESTATION * VIEW AURAS * REMOTE VIEW FUTURE POTENTIAL FUTURES & POSSIBILITIES * PERFORM GROUP READINGS * READ ENERGY * MEDITATE & FIND PEACE * UNDERSTAND THE CHAOS AROUND YOU * DEFEAT NEGATIVE ENERGY * REMOVE NEGATIVE PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE * LEARN TO PRAY * CONTACT LIFE GUIDES * AUTO-WRITE * EXPAND CLAIRVOYANCE * EXPAND CLAIR-AUDIENCE* EXPAND CLAIR-COGNIZANCE & SO MUCH MORE. _____VIDEO LINKS________________________________________________________________ Instructor: https://youtu.be/rS8D0GlLZAM Past BAM (Be A Master®) Private class photos; view photo library. Past BAM (Be A Master®) Event Video Links: https://youtu.be/RrGJs-8bDsM https://youtu.be/7j2-NHxU49A https://youtu.be/snKyzEyXqSY ____WHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING_____________________________________________ “Dr Kousouli's class is filled with joy and surprises! We have learned amazing knowledge; How to be aware of and view auras, and developing our inner power of telepathy. Our clairvoyance & clair-audience abilities are strengthened each time we come for the class. Thank you Dr. Kousouli, I appreciate you for patiently teaching, and helping us to find our spirit’s guidance, learning with laughter and abundance every time. Thumbs way way way up!!!” – Heather H., Sales Manager ~~~ “I like Dr. Kousouli’s enthusiasm, positive energy & determination to help us reach higher consciousness for the highest good of all concerned. We need teachers like him to trust we are on the right path and gain tools through his teachings to live a more awakened state of mind.” – Ursula B., Artist ~~~ “I am grateful for Dr. Kousouli’s classes as I now have a heightened sense of awareness on many levels. With his teachings, I have been able to move the ‘noise’ in my life to allow more aware thinking and improve my connection which has brought many nuggets of joy into my life… Thank you Dr. Kousouli for the opportunity for fellowship with such beautiful souls throughout this process of discovery and growth. You never know when you’re entertaining an angel- and there are many here with us in this class.” With gratitude & love, - Kathryn M., Automotive finance manager ~~~ “Dr. Kousouli, with each class I attend I am feeling more empowered to connect and embrace my spirituality with great reverence to our creator - God. There is a vast network of divine assistance available to each and every one of us as long as we seek it through prayer. Every soul's journey on earth is unique and should not be squandered aimlessly by falling victim to sin thus derailing one from the lord's path. Ask, Believe and RECEIVE.” – Polly F., Restaurateur

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