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Past attendees learned many things including how to: * Open their Psychic & Intuitive Awareness * Read and see Chakras * Do Chakra Cleansing * Remote View Future Possibilities * Do Energy Healings * Do Distance Healings * Do Group Manifestation * Use Hypnosis to beat blocks* Release Anxiety, Remove Confusion * Meditate & Focus * Make Sense of Life * Truly Love Themselves * Astral Travel & Interpret Dreams * Open Connection to their Guides, Angels & 'God' * Find Friends they can count on * Cultivate Authentic Romantic Connections * Attract more Prosperity from Life (business/other) *


Do YOU feel something isn't quite right with the world? Do you feel 'different' in a good way but can't fully explain it? Seeking help on how to bring out the "superhuman" in you? This group is for YOU; those seeking for (or who already know) the incredible power within. Christ centered and open to all spiritual seekers regardless of background or denomination. Learn to 'Master the Light within and Be A Master® of your Life. Monthly Meetups, Meditations and Special Events are all lead by Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Holistic healer, Dr. Theo Kousouli ( View www.BeaMaster.com now!)

Join Dr. Theo Kousouli and your fellow Masters and never look back at your life the same way again!

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Psychic Empowerment & Remote Viewing Classes in L.A. - Personal instruction

************ Attention All Students! ************ Be A Master® Psychic training classes now, weekly. Every Wed Night at 7pm-8:30pm! (Schedule permitting -see below) These are smaller private 1-on-1 classes done between our larger events (see photos). Limited seating (up to 10 per class). You will NOT learn this material in school! So register now to hold your seat! Your Instructor: https://youtu.be/rS8D0GlLZAM Past BAM (Be A Master®) Private class photos; view photo library. Past BAM (Be A Master®) Event Video Links: https://youtu.be/RrGJs-8bDsM https://youtu.be/7j2-NHxU49A https://youtu.be/snKyzEyXqSY Learn how to flow your personal power in today's modern world - no fluff, no b.s.,learn it as it is. The absolute best classes have started for personal psychic development in Los Angeles. My name is Dr. Theo Kousouli. As an author of 9 books and long time student of psychic work, I teach my personal clients the principles of connecting to source energy (and how to transform their energy for their personal power) every day. I only take on serious students looking to tap into their personal empowerment - those who want to make their journey here on earth all it can be. ______________ The BAM weekly classes are 7-8:30pm weekly, limited to up to ten students, who will be trained to connect to their psychic abilities in order to perform amazing remote viewing techniques as I teach in my workshops and book series. Each class is different but usually involves lecture, group exercises & guided meditation. ______________ Be A Master® Psychic Classes Proposed schedule (subject to change): *Each class builds on previous class knowledge & exercise but new students are accepted into classes, and can follow along. Projected Private Class dates (Sign ups available once event posts): -=- Get in on the next class ASAP! -=- class - Psychic Exploratory Meditation & More - 3/20/2019 Wed class - Psychic Exploratory Meditation & More - 3/27/2019 Wed class - Psychic Exploratory Meditation & More - 4/03/2019 Wed class - Psychic Exploratory Meditation & More - 4/10/2019 Wed class - Psychic Exploratory Meditation & More - 4/17/2019 Wed class - Psychic Exploratory Meditation & More - 4/24/2019 Wed *Class times 7 - 8:30pm nightly. Cost 50$ per class/per student/per date. *Location 6404 Wilshire Blvd Suite 700 LA, CA 90048 *Street Parking free (after 6pm), on Orange and sixth/ 6th streets. *Location map (Dr.Kousouli) at https://drkousouli.com/new-patients *Advanced classes will be announced at a later time. ____MORE INFO_______________________________________________________________ -=- Have you ever wondered if you have hidden psychic ability? Have you ever experienced Déjà vu or had dreams that felt so real? Have you had divine timing where everything seemed to happen ‘just right’? Visualization, manifestation, intuitive awareness and seeing into future possibilities through remote viewing are abilities already inborn in all of us; they only need to be ‘woken up’! Dr. Kousouli teaches you the basic inner workings of the ‘psychic’ phenomenon and demonstrates simple tools to awaken your hidden psychic ability! Imagine what you can do when you use aspects of your mind you never used before! It’s no ‘coincidence’ you’ve found this information, so register with a friend or loved one and get ready to learn the life-changing information you never got in school! ____ABOUT THE BAM - (Be A Master®) CLASSES & SEMINAR EVENTS________ -=- Be A Master® events are for those seeking to unleash the incredible light within. Open to all spiritual seekers regardless of background or religious denomination. Learn to reach the light within and Be A Master® of your life. Monthly meetups, meditations and special events are all lead by best-selling author, speaker, and intuitive holistic healer, Dr. Theo Kousouli.

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