Past Meetup

Please contribute small amount $11 yearly to help pay Meetup fees to keep group!

This Meetup is past

Every 3 weeks on Monday

Needs a location


Friendly monthly reminder to contribute $11 yearly to help us pay off the yearly Meetup Group fee and additional cost to run Beantown & Beyond so we can keep it going. Its a YEARLY fee and NOT a Monthly fee.

Money is to help run this group and cover all other Meetup expenses. Meetup is now charging $180 fee every year just to run the group and donations from Members has been next to nothing. With $11 contributions I would receive less than $10 from company collected the funds.

If even 10% of the group made a contributions it would cover MeetUp Dues and other costs and if any remaining money can be used to reduce costs of events , offer free events and more events as well.

I'm not asking for alot but it can go along way and it is also time consuming to schedule and arrange events so even alittle for my time would be appreciate too.

Please make the small contribution/donation to the group and you'd be helping out greatly and keep group that has been around for almost 10 years.

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