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Weekly Software Development For Good!

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Jorge T.


This will be the re-occuring Weekly Meetup!

Join in to share your ideas, feedback and commentary on what's being worked on! We value anyone who is wishing to spread good and happiness everywhere!

VALUES: People who are open to listening to feedback from others with no judgments and are open to criticism about themselves and their own ideas. I aim for this group to be fully transparent, but not rude - we must be able to take feedback, digest and reflect on it, and agree as a group on whats next. The mission of this group is achieving a singular goal of developing a product to spread happiness everywhere!

We have decided to move forward with creating the technology aspect of - You can find more details on that site!

Want to chat outside zoom?! Join the Discord server anytime!

Beaverton Software Development Meetup Group for Good
Beaverton Software Development Meetup Group for Good
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