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What we’re about

This group focuses on what it takes to start and run a successful Real Estate Business. Based on the systems and models of the, "Millionaire Real Estate Agent," book by Gary Keller, topics discussed on a monthly basis that everyone should know about real estate include:

• What it takes to get your real estate license (training, continuing education, fees & finances, etc.), 

• Factors that go into selecting a broker such as the culture and people around you supporting:

  *** Training, we never stop learning and improving ourselves and our businesses,

  *** Moving from being Entrepreneurial to Purposeful (from E to P),

  *** Sharing of ideas, tactics, things that work, and failings,

  *** Proven systems and models from industry experts that have been vetted and repeated,

  *** Having a growth mindset to build your business each year to become even bigger, better and more resilient against the ebbs and flows of a commission based business.

• The most important, "One Thing," that every  business owner needs to focus on to have a successful and thriving business regardless of your stage in the business (from pre-license to working for many years as a real estate professional).

• The foundational models of a Millionaire Real Estate Agent, including:

  *** The Economic Model

  *** The Lead Generation Model

  *** The Budget Model

  *** The Organizational Model

If you are thinking about a career in real estate, or you are ready to get serious about the next stage of your real estate business, join our meetup and attend one of our events. We will help you unleash your untapped potential. We will help you get clarity on your decisions around your real estate future that can have a profound impact on the rest of your life.