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Pedalpalooza Parade & Kickoff Party

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Since we're going to Burnside on Saturday (and so far I am the only one signed up for this) let's have a quick happy hour at White Owl instead, before riding over to the Pedalpalooza Kickoff Parade.

"Behold! A work of the ages! White Owl Social Club is a bar, restaurant, music venue and events space in Portland, OR open to any and all who pledge their patronage to the brood and swear the Oath of the White Owl: "Time Sees All!" With great diligence and perseverance, White Owl Social Club strives to create unique craft cocktails which focus on products from local & regional distilleries, wineries and breweries and embolden the drinker to seek new heights of mental and spiritual acuity. Food made by White Owl Social Club will encourage the faint of heart, strengthen the weak of body and eradicate evil. It is made fresh, using recipes developed in house and serves both vegan and omnivore communities alike."

KICKOFF PARADE Holladay Park, NE 11th Ave & Holladay St (,-122.829208%7C45.659647,-122.404175&q=NE+11th+Ave+%26+Holladay+St) 6:00pm, Ride at 7pm Get your bike tuned and stock up on sleep and frozen pizzas because Pedalpalooza begins now.
Come dressed in your finest, get spruced up, shine your shoes, get a haircut, wear something shiny, get a new dress, end your fast, wear some balloons and decorate your bike. Be loud. This is your time to parade around and get ready for 3+ weeks of having too much fun.
Join us at the park at 6. Ride at 7. Route will be 2-3 miles and will end at the official Pedalpalooza Kickoff Party sponsored by The Portland Mercury. The Taco Pedaler will be there too, so have dollars for tacos.
Shift, yourheartmaystopgmail Show up early if you want one of the 200 limited-edition felt Pedalpalooza pennants attached to your bike.

PEDALPALOOZA KICKOFF PARTY FEATURING FEDERALE Branx / The Row, 320 SE 2nd Ave (,-122.829208%7C45.659647,-122.404175&q=320+SE+2nd+Ave) 8:30pm All ages!
Cheap beer!
Food carts!
Live music from Grandparents and Federale!

Sponsored by The Portland Mercury and Car2Go
Portland Mercury, Portland Mercury (

And want a fun way to track the beers you drink wherever you go? Download a smartphone app called Untappd.

And please consider public transit, carpooling with a designated driver, or another form of safe transportation to get home from this event. Biking and walking are great too, but be sure to wear lights and not enjoy too many brews if cycling, and wear a helmet of course. Use the comments section to coordinate a fun safe time for all. :^)