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Mystery Tuesday Happy Hour @ Horse Brass Pub

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This week we head back out to the SE! To Horse Brass Pub!

So let's try something different. Different every week in fact. The location of this will not be announced until the week before the meetup. We may decide a place while at Mellow Mushroom the Monday before, or it could just be whatever random happy hour I find that seems like a place to check out. The venue will always be within a few miles of the city center, by bike. If you are thinking of a place to suggest, map cycling directions from the Burnside Bridge to the location, and if it is 3 miles or less, it is open for consideration. Special events may warrant consideration even if they are further away. So get your thinking caps on and let's get out and try some new brews!

And want a fun way to track the beers you drink wherever you go? Download a smartphone app called Untappd.

And please consider public transit, carpooling with a designated driver, or another form of safe transportation to get home from this event. Biking and walking are great too, but be sure to wear lights and not enjoy too many brews if cycling, and wear a helmet of course. Use the comments section to coordinate a fun safe time for all. :^)


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