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Why is anxiety and stress common in humans? Why is struggle part of everyday life? Why can’t we just be at peace? How can we break out of inherited collective patterns that keep us in bondage with suffering? How can we gain the freedom to do what we want and be who we truly are?

We pursue physical and psychological pleasures because we believe those things will make us happy or free us from feelings of fear or lack of something. But more often than not, we are stuck in an endless loop, chasing an illusion, left with a hunger that is never fulfilled.

Our mind continuously shoots thoughts, some of which are unhelpful or even harmful. How can we prevent these from draining our vital energy?

In this meetup, we create a safe space where we can reflect and find the answers to these questions, among many others. We share, we learn and we connect with like-minded people that want to grow.

So brace yourself! You are about to discover how to live a more balanced, meaningful and happy life!


A little about myself.

I dedicate my life to help people transform themselves into their best version.

As a transformative coach, I am passionate about supporting and guiding them in understanding how their mind works, raise their awareness, expand their perspective, manage their emotions and gain focus.

So they can cultivate a more positive and calm mind, connect deeper with themselves and the world around them, gain clarity about where exactly they want to go and take with confidence the steps to get there.

I do it with my heart :)

If this is something that resonates with you, I invite you to join the group! I'm looking forward to meeting you

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How To Love Yourself & Deal With Your Inner Critic - Online Workshop

Do you find it difficult to accept yourself exactly as you are?
Have you ever felt unworthy? Or not good enough?
Do you look out for external validation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from a boost to your self-belief.

Having self-belief means accepting yourself as you are. It means you know that all humans are equally worthy — including yourself. When you have self-belief, you don’t judge or shame yourself. You know you are already enough, and nothing can change that.

Join this meetup and learn how to boost your self-belief with three steps:

  • AWARENESS: Observing your inner state;
  • ACCEPTANCE: Processing your emotions without judgment;
  • ACTION: Acting from positive energy.

Intrigued? Reserve your spot to access the Google Meet link.

I can’t wait to make magic together!

Love. Simone

PS: Feel free to invite a friend :)

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