Impact Mapping - a product management tool for agile teams

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This is will be a meet-up with a hands-on workshop on using impact mapping for generating user stories and other deliverables for a software product.

What is Impact Mapping?

Impact mapping is a strategic planning technique which prevents teams from getting solution centric or losing the focus while building products or delivering product features. It is a collaborative and visual technique which clearly communicates the “desired impact” you want to produce “on or via the user” to meet the overall “Goal” agreed by the team.

What are we going to do?

In this meet up, we will learn about:
- What is an impact map?
- Why to use impact mapping?
- When and how to use an impact map while designing and building a software product?

- You will create an impact map for a collaboratively defined SMART business goal in a small team with other community members
- You will then generate a product backlog from your impact map

The workshop will be helpful for anyone working with an Agile team - PO, BAs, Scrum Masters / PMs, Devs, QAs, Agile practitioners.