What we're about

Welcome and thank you for joining this Meetup group!!!

This group is designed for those who wish to improve their lives. My wish in the setting up of this group is to come together to meet in a friendly environment where the ultimate goal is to be on purpose and enjoy life.

I will share with you invaluable tools to help you on your journey. One of the most important things we will go through is to learn to love ourselves and live a more fulfilling life.

Things we can cover:

- Louise Hay - Heal Your Life

- Abraham Hicks/The Secret/Rhonda Byrne- Law Of Attraction

- Oprah

- Iyanla Vanzant

- Nutrition/exercise

- Meditation

- EFT and many more!

Blessings, Gunita <3

And here’s a trailer for one of the groups I lead:


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Needs a location

Heal Your Life Meetup & Law Of Attraction!!! <3

Needs a location

Law Of Attraction & Heal Your Life Meetup!!! Xxx

Huddersfield Town Hall


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