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Bonjour à tous! As you all already know, learning a foreign language the traditional way can be a hard and long process, and at times seem painful or frustrating. But we have a radically different approach.

Do you want to engage with interesting topics, discover the language through the culture, know more about the country and traditions, and speak like a native?!? If so, forget about those conventional classes and join us for fun activities in French. You will be entirely immersed in a very relaxed and welcoming environment - the best conditions to speak freely and make fast improvements. Some of our upcoming activities include:
- Game night
- Tastings (wine & cheese, etc.)
- Cooking
- Sport (running, pétanque, windsurfing, etc.)
- Drama
- Singing

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GAME NIGHT - Boost your French & English and have fun !

Lucky Voice Islington

The games we play range from simple card games to epic strategy games – there’s something for everyone ! 🤗 All games are fun and social, perfect for improving argumentation skills and confidence ! ✌ We are here to practice our French and/or our English and to having fun !! 💬 🔸 GREAT GAME TO WORK ON YOUR SPEAKING SKILLS AND ARGUMENTATION 🔸 ALL LEVELS 🔸 FUN AND RELAXED ENVIRONMENT 🎉 HAPPY HOUR 2•for•1 from 6pm to 8pm at Lucky Voice 🎉 Regular ticket >> £10 BOOKING IN ADVANCE.

Become Fluent in French and Expert in Wine 🍷

The Grocery


>> You want to boost your skills in French and you're wine lover? This activity is made for you! >> You're a French native speaker and you know nothing about wine? This activity is made for you! Join a group of 10 French natives and learners for a fabulous evening during which you can drink wine and practice your French at the same time. Learning a language should be fun, engaging and stress-free. So, forget those dry old grammar books from your school days, and immerse yourself in 2 hours of outstanding wining and great conversation with our native host. Our resident wine specialist will take you on a journey across France through four delicious French wines, exploring French culture, cuisine and expert knowledge of one of its most acclaimed exports. Build your confidence in the language and meet like-minded people in the comfort of a beautiful and intimate Shoreditch venue. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is our most popular activity! /!\ Recommended for French native, intermediate & advanced level. You'll taste 4 different wines and get 10% off on the store.

SPEED MEETING in French & English

Lucky Voice Islington

• LEARNING A LANGUAGE has never been so FUN AND EASY • 1- Choose the language you want to practise: English or French. 2- Seat at the dedicated table. 3- Start a 1-on-1 conversation in the language you want to master and change seat every 10 minutes! • BOOST your CONFIDENCE & your LANGUAGE SKILLS • 🔸 Challenge yourself and speak a second language for 2 hours. 🔹 Practise and confront your skills with natives. 🔸 Grow in confidence - the key to become fluent in no time. 🔹 Improve faster - it's the most effective language class ever! 🎉 HAPPY HOUR on drinks 🎉 Regular ticket > £10 BOOKING IN ADVANCE.

COOKING Masterclass in French



BECOME FLUENT IN FRENCH 🇫🇷 AND COOK LIKE A CHEF 👨‍🍳 What are the French so obsessed with ?? FOOD, of course, and we talk about it all… the… time…! 🤗 🔸 Sarah, your host, will share with you (in French of course) history of french food and with a lot of teaching skills how to cook 🍴 and speak like a native 💬 🔸After being immersed in the French language for 2 hours, you’ll leave with incredible memories, new friends and your own creation to share with your friends and family ! BECOME CONFIDENT IN FRENCH AND DEVELOP YOUR VOCABULARY IN ONLY 2 HOURS ! ✌ Regular ticket >> £30 BOOKING IN ADVANCE

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Walk, speak French & English and have fun !

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