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Help support Bellevue Running/Walking Club by making a paypal donation to help support the website.

You are exempt from paying if you are an assistant organizer hosting at least 1 run a month...that's support in a great way!

The site costs $144/yr to run on meetup, so we need a few of you to have supporting memberships to keep this running/walking calendar and club going. Suggested optional $15/yr or a one time $50 supporting donation. If you can't afford it, no problem but if you can afford it, please support the group if you can.

If you enjoy being a part of the Bellevue Running/Walking Club,
please consider becoming a supporting member here. (

For more information on our partner running club, Eastside Runners, and to receive the running newsletter, you can also support them for $12 a year, please check out their website here: http://www.eastsideru... (

Also, if you want to get coaching from a professional, go to and sign up for monthly or 6 months or a year of training for a particular race or PR.

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