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Bring a headlamp or a flashlight, it's dark-thirty this time of year...

Let's meet at the Newport High School Track I'll have a key to get in if it's locked...the address I gave is on the other side of the block, so just drive through or around to the side where the track is and park there.

We will do a warm-up run that goes around the track for newcomers or can go behind Factoria Mall and on around to Newport High School...approx 1 mile.

Track workouts add speed and raise your VO2 max...and that is a recipe for new PR's on race day!

Track Workouts:
1) Strides: Jog the curves and Run the staights...stretch out stride and higher knees
2) Tempo Run: 20 min run at 90% of race pace
3) Pyramid: 200's/400's/800's/400's/200's
Beginners (4/2/1/2/4) Advanced (6/4/2/4/6)
4) 400's (over a period of 6 weeks starting with 4, then 6,8,10,12,14)
5) 800's (4 week increaser starting with 2, then 3,4,6)
6) Pace run: 3 X 1 mile repeats at goal race pace

Anyone who wants to come and just do a running loop and no track is welcome...we always do a warm up run and if you are not training for a race you don't have to join us for the track workout.

Walkers welcome too!

Rules of the track:

If there is a game going on we will need to use my 'alternate track' so still park and meet at same place(maybe use their upper parking lot if crowded) but we will run to the other location as a warmup.

I have a key to the track and we should be able to get in and get a good track workout there most of the time with no other HS events going on there.

We are not supposed to run there during an official high school event such as football or track meet....which should be obvious as there will be tons of people in the way.
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