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Bensozia's Garden is a Spiritual Grove focused on Wicca and Herbal Magic. We meet for rituals and workshops that combine the spiritual with the practical, by incorporating herbcraft, gardening, meditation and earth veneration into our spellwork.

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Herbal Workshop, Part 1

Bensozia's Garden

We will learn about common herbs and beneficial weeds, and explore the relationship between Magic and Medicine. Each participant will have the oppurtunity to make a tincture or infused oil to take home. Suggested donation $10-$15 For more information, please email: [masked]

Beltaine Ritual

Bensozia's Garden

At Beltaine, we come together, in order to draw Strength from Beauty.........we open to the wisdom of the senses, and we are guided by the healing spirits of the green world all around us. As light weaves itself in a dance of cross-pollination..........visions form...... in the space between one being and another.............visions that inspire us........that spur us onward.......and fuel our growth. In this outdoor, ecstatic ritual, we will collect flowers from the garden, and charge them in the heat of the growing sun, making a Flower Essence to take home. Through trance movement, drumming, and connecting to the plant spirits.........we will bring in the May, and celebrate the raw force of eros that pulsates through all life.

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Spring Equinox Ritual (Ostara)

Bensozia's Garden

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