I'd like to host a learning game of Dune at game night, to take place concurrently and side-by-side with open gaming. Special event for this, because it's a long commitment (3-4 hours) and requires 6 players with good sportsmanship who don't mind being backstabbed or being at the brunt of large swings of fortune.

If you'd like to host a heavy long game at game night, talk/e-mail to an organizer and we can make it happen for you.

If we do not get at least 6 total RSVPs, Dune will not happen, and it's back to open gaming for you.

If you're on the waitlist, do not worry and still show up. Likely that people in 'Yes' might cancel, and worst case scenario, you get to enjoy open gaming, with other waitlisted players being your opponents.

About Dune

Dune is a 6-player game based on the first novel, and is by the designers of Cosmic Encounter. Knowledge of the novel is not required to enjoy the game (can provide a quick blurb on the setting beforehand).

It's out-of-print and rare (I got mine via a print-and-play guy, and it looks nicer than the real game), and it got re-implemented as Rex: The Final Days of an Empire because the Dune license is impossible to get. Purists prefer Dune because the marriage of theme with mechanisms is perfect. This is the game A Game of Thrones should have been, because it is a lot more political (you make... and break formal alliances with each other, as prescribed in the rules), each faction has a ton of flavor, betrayals are represented in the game, and there is so much death.

About this session

I will use shortened rules but even then, the game would probably take 3-4 hours (sudden-death wins are possible and likely). New players are welcome.

The game itself is simple, complexity comes from the cards and getting comfortable with all the faction-specific powers. However, good sportsmanship and a positive attitude are prerequisites since treachery and direct conflict are the name of the game.

Note that with a projected start time of 7 p.m., it is likely that we won't finish the game, with a hard stop at around 11 p.m. That is OK to me, since I believe learning games should just be about getting comfortable and aborting prematurely if the feeling is mutual, because finishing it out can be painful if you didn't understand the rules perfectly and get yourself into a bad situation you can't climb out of for hours and hours. Better to mulligan and use your knowledge to come in with a plan next time. This means that if you sign up for this game, you agree that finishing the game would be a bonus, and won't be too bummed about calling it early if it's running overly long.