Needs a date and time

Hosting a Game Day at a special location?

Needs a date and time

Needs a location


Last summer when the organizers and I all met in one place, the idea of a full Game Day was brought up. We've since had limited events that could loosely qualify as "Game days", but we've not had a real, big, well-publicized Game Day like the Bay Area Games day or East Bay Games Day.

The primary challenge for me has been to secure a venue. I figured if I could secure a great venue our great organization and publicity skills could take care of the rest. So this weekend I think I found a great venue. It's a middle school cafeteria, and a pretty special one at that.

Now I'm just trying to figure out how to secure such a venue. Of course, I would ultimately contact the principal, but I would want to be organized in my approach. So what do you all think of this idea? Any suggestions?

You can see pics of the venue here:
http://www.boardgameg... (