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Talk 1: Conversational AI: Building clever chatbots (Tom Bocklisch, LASTMILE - 35 min)

Abstract: Conversational AI will dramatically change how users will interact with your software. The world is moving away from websites and apps to conversational interfaces, AI-powered bots and assistants. Advances in machine learning and state of the art research makes it possible for you to build your very own assistant. In this talk, Tom will show how you can get started building a conversational AI using open source software tools. You will get to know the architecture of conversational systems and the challenges faced when implementing them. Furthermore, Tom will dive into some deep machine learning techniques used to do natural language processing as well as dialogue learning.

Bio: Tom is Lead ML Developer and Framework Architect at LASTMILE. He is driving the development of the next generation conversational AI systems under the umbrella of ( As a passionate technologist, he is always keen to learn more about machine learning technologies, and loves open source.

Talk 2: 2b|!2b - Generating poetry with neural networks (Aleksey Tikhonov & Ivan Yamshchikov, Yandex - 35 min)

Abstract: A rapid progress of artificial neural networks is gradually erasing the border between the arts and the sciences. A significant number of results demonstrate how the areas that were previously regarded as entirely human due to the creative or intuitive character of the tasks transform and give space for the algorithmic approaches. Poetry is one of these areas. In our talk we will share some tricks and hacks on how to train your own neuro-poet. And give some interesting examples of our work.

Bio: Aleksey Tikhonov, Yandex, Berlin, 7+ years in data analytics, interested in text generation since 2000. Ivan Yamshchikov, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, PhD in Applied Mathematics.