• Customer Journey Mapping 101 workshop with CEO of UXPressia

    Dear Innovators / Designers, UXPRESSIA is happy to invite you to a hands-on CJM building workshop. Led by: Yuri Vedenin, founder & CEO of UXPressia When: 31 May, 2019, 15:00-18:00 (+1h bonus discussions w/ food and drinks) Location: At Signavio office (Kurfürstenstraße 111, 10787 Berlin) Language: English This intense 3h free workshop will show the basics of the Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) tool. Participants will work in teams, they will get their hands dirty, will practice the tool itself, and will create CJM from scratch. CJM is to be built using flipchart paper, pens, markers, and sticky notes. Almost all the theory is supposed to be left behind the workshop, so the planned amount of practice is 90% :) We will select a problem to map, then we will pick a target group we will focus on, and then we will map the journey step-by-step. At the end, we will present the resulting maps and discuss the results. Our generous host Signavio will provide food and drinks, and we will be able to stay after the workshop (~18:00) for an hour or so and discuss challenges in applying CJM tool (and other Service Design tools) in the different companies and contexts.

  • Partner event: Adobe Creative Jam Berlin

    ewerk GmbH

    REGISTER HERE for FREE - https://nvite.co/berlinux The Adobe Creative Cloud team will host the Creative Jam presentations. This one-hour design showcase highlights the work of 3 creative leaders. At the same time, in the next room, hand-picked Designers will be competing in the Creative Jam tournament, a 3-hour design charrette showdown. Participants will be using Adobe XD. Once the Creative Jam presentations wrap, tournament participants will take the stage to share their creations with you. As part of the audience, you’ll vote on each submission and select the People's Choice winner. There will also be Grand Prize winners decided by a group of judges! If you are interested in competing, email [masked]. NOTE: Presentations will be conducted in English. Location: ewerk GmbH, Mauerstraße 78-80, 10117 Berlin BEHANCE PORTFOLIO REVIEWS Optional: Local creative professionals are available for portfolio reviews. The reviews are a 1-on-1 opportunity to meet for 15 minutes with a creative professional before the main event. Sign up and we will provide you with the exact time and place of your review. EVENT SCHEDULE 19.00 Doors open. Settle in, and meet your fellow creative community. Free beer, wine, and food available. The tournament will be in full swing—pop your head in and see how it’s developing. Portfolio reviews will be taking place. 20.00 Creative Jam Talks begin. Sit back as local creative leaders walk you through their personal creative process. 21.00 Creative Jam tournament competitors share their solutions, inspired by a theme announced just 3-hours before. Audience and Judges vote. Awards follow. 21.30 Everyone socializes and gets to meet the teams. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Adobe XD - Lunch & Learn - May 16 - 11:30-1:00 pm Interested in learning more about Adobe XD? Attend our bonus event earlier in the day. Lunch included. Free event. (separate registration, limited seats). http://nvite.co/berlinxdlunch

  • Prototyping using InVision Studio with Scott Savarie

    👨🏻 Guest speaker Scott Savarie, is a Principal Product Designer / Part-time developer on InVision Studio. Before joining he tested the waters in multiple different environments including a few years at Facebook in San Francisco, Agency life in Berlin at Edenspiekermann, and working on his own iOS app ‘Napkin’. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Agenda 6:00 PM - Doors Open 6:30 PM - Welcome by the organizer 6:40 PM - Guest talk by Scott Savarie 7:15 PM - Hands on session with InVision Studio 8:45 PM Networking ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 👩🏻‍💻 👨🏻‍💻 Equipment Please bring your Laptop to create your prototypes using InVision Studio(https://www.invisionapp.com/studio). ✉️ Contact us: Contact Anil at [masked] if you are interested in speaking at our future meetup or if you have a venue for the future event. @berlin_lean ( https://twitter.com/berlin_lean ) @anilbms75 ( https://twitter.com/anilbms75 ) Venue & drinks sponsor: bitgrip Gmbh Food sponsor: InVision

  • Prototyping using FramerX with Krijn Rijshouwer

    bitgrip GmbH

    👨🏻 Guest speaker Krijn Rijshouwer Product Designer at Framer, Netherlands. Previously he worked on Blendle and at The Cre8ion.Lab. Twitter: @krijnrijshouwer Web: krijnrijshouwer.com FramerX(https://framer.com) has all the features you need to draw everything from custom icons to intricate illustrations. Fine-tune your designs with our advanced path editor, export anything from your canvas, and more. React meets design. Use actual React in your projects to create interactive components from scratch. Want more control? Create custom UI in the properties panel for your components. Collaboration with Framer Berlin team (https://www.meetup.com/FramerBerlin) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Agenda 6:00 PM - Doors Open 6:30 PM - Welcome by the organizer 6:40 PM - Guest talk by Krijn Rijshouwer 7:30 PM - Q & A 8:00 PM Networking ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ✉️ Contact us: Contact Anil at [masked] if you are interested in speaking at our future meetup or if you have a venue for the future event. @berlin_lean ( https://twitter.com/berlin_lean ) @anilbms75 ( https://twitter.com/anilbms75 ) The venue, food & drinks sponsor: bitgrip Gmbh

  • Lean Startup Night Berlin

    ESMT European School of Management and Technology

    Register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lean-startup-night-berlin-tickets-51542766803 Join us for a conversation about Lean Startup, including a lightning talk session and networking, at Wework on 14 November, from 18:00 – 21:00. --- 📝 Details: 14 November 2018 starting at 18:00 Wework 5:30pm - Doors open 6:00pm - Introduction & livestream: Lean Impact: Revolutionizing Social Good with the Lean Startup, Eric Ries, Ann Mei Chang 6:45pm - Speaker: Tienko Rasser, Founder of a leading online Angel investment platform, Leapfunder 7:10pm - Speaker: Frank Böhmer, Founder and CEO of Ninox 7:40pm - Interactive activity 8:15pm - Networking ✨ Speakers: Tienko Rasker is the founder of a leading online Angel investment platform, Leapfunder. He is a trained strategy consultant and financial professional, who focuses on growth strategy and early-stage finance. Tienko has acted as a mentor and jury-member in the business plan competitions of Stanford, M.I.T, and Cambridge. He holds undergraduate degrees in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management, M.I.T. Frank Böhme, Founder and CEO of Ninox Frank has a vision: a vibrant ecosystem of businesses, teams, and consultants having the perfect tools for their workflow. All based on a single platform that lets users quickly assemble business apps. A platform that is easy to learn and fun to use: Ninox. This event is part of Lean Startup Summit Berlin (February 12, 2019). Lean Startup Summits bring the big ideas from Eric Ries’ books off the page to show how organizations are making them real around the world. Become a part of our wider European innovation community by joining us in Berlin this February. Learn more and register here. Lean Startup Night is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup Night is hosted by our network of ambassadors and features a different panel talk, fireside chat or presentation with a mentor from the Lean Startup community and local innovation champions. Learn more about the Lean Startup Night meetup series here. 📹Photos & Video Consent We may take photos and videos during the event to use in recap blog posts, social media, and promotional materials. By coming to the meetup, you give consent to take pictures and videos of you. 👋Stay Connected! Twitter: https://twitter.com/leanstartupEMEA https://twitter.com/anilbms75 https://twitter.com/berlinlean

  • Workshop: User flow using Overflow with Alexis Piperides, CEO of Proto.io

    Great chance to learn about Overflow with Alexis, Founder of Proto.io. Guest speaker - Alexis Piperides, Proto.io co-founder and CEO Co-founded Proto.io in 2010, and acting as CEO and product architect, determined to build the ultimate mobile app prototyping web application to improve UX and mobile development process. OVERFLOW https://overflow.io/ Turn your designs into playable user flow diagrams that tell a story. Tell a story with your designs One of the most powerful ways for designers to tell a story is to present their designs in a way that connects the dots and describes the entire user journey. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 📝 Agenda 6:30 PM - Doors Open 7:00 PM - Welcome by organizer 7:10 PM - Guest talk by Alexis Piperides 7:45 PM - Hands on session with Overflow 8:30 PM Networking ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Equipment Please bring your Laptop to create User flow with Overflow (https://overflow.io/). Contact us: Contact Anil at [masked] if you are interested in speaking at our future meetup or if you have a venue for the future event. @berlin_lean ( https://twitter.com/berlin_lean ) @anilbms75 ( https://twitter.com/anilbms75 ) 🥙 🌮 🍺 Venue, drinks & food sponsor: N26

  • GUI + VUI. Multimodal Conversation Design Workshop. Beyond tellerrand side event

    Register on Eventbrite:: https://vui-design.eventbrite.com The workshop is a starter for the Voice User Interface Design. You will learn how designing for ears differs from designing for eyes and get the guidance on how to make them work together. In the end, you will be able to create your first voice user interface experience and play with it. CAUTION! Designing for Voice is very addictive. Target audience: UI and UX designers, Frontend Developers & Product Managers. If you work with GUI and haven’t had any experience with designing for Voice, this workshop is for you. Why they should attend: The voice design revolution driven by tech giants like Amazon and Google is the fastest spreading technology in the history of humankind. Take away from the workshop: The basic knowledge about the Voice design, the process and the differences from the GUI design and user experience. You will be able to create real Voice User Apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The workbook for this workshop and the set of useful curated links to learn more Materials required: You need a notebook. If you want to create Alexa skills with us, you will need an Amazon developer account. You can register it here https://developer.amazon.com. Who are we? Anil Kumar Krishnashetty is an IT Consultant at bitgrip Gmbh and founder of Berlin Lean Prototyping; a meetup organization focused on lean, digital prototyping tools & Product discovery techniques based in Berlin. He is the creator of the VoiceX, a low fidelity prototyping tool for voice interface design. He is a Frontend Architect with 8+ years of experience, worked as a resdfUX & Frontend developer for companies including SAP, Canto, Sapient & one.com. His focus is on rapid prototyping tools and running & facilitating prototyping workshops. Alexey Vidanov is a computer engineer and has decades of experience in IT. He works as an independent consultant for Voice platforms (Storyline, Bottalk), companies and as a mentor for Voice User Interface design course in collaboration with Amazon Alexa by CareerFoundry.

  • Workshop Blockchain meets Lean Startup: Partner event

    Capgemini Berlin

    Register: https://www.meetup.com/Lean-Startup-Berlin/events/255053314/ Dear Blockchain enthusiasts, Berlin is a mecca to boost your blockchain project! We are sure you already visited a lot of events connected to the topic of Blockchain, but this event will boost your game. Instead of endless discussions, you will be applying knowledge. This is an interactive workshop with a hands-on approach on cracking a Blockchain challenge. This event is right for you if: - you are working / interested in the Blockchain technology - you want to learn how to leverage customer centricity and lean methodology - you want to connect with like-minded people - interested in working on a real challenge instead of hearing case studies What you can expect: - During this event, an early-stage & VC backed blockchain startup will provide a challenge to work on - Lean Startup experts will introduce the tools of Lean Startup - Teamwork using the Lean Startup tools on a real Blockchain problem & share the results - Exclusive networking, first class learning experience, food & drinks The ensure the quality of the workshop the amount of tickets is limited to 40. Get one of the limited Tickets here: https://goo.gl/CEq4Ze Earlybird Ticket: 35 Euros Standard Ticket: 50 Euros Let's discover the Blockchain Startups: Bitbond is a long standing VC backed fintech startup, providing the only automated solution for fixed income investments through blockchain technology. Julien Gautier, a key actor in the organic growth of this global platform will highlight you how his team leveraged on lean methodologies to build MVP and scale. Formulating specific challenges related to this disruptive environment, Julien is helping lean startups to master market uncertainties and navigate within this new ecosystem throughout a series of workshops. He has an extensive track record in financial services with academic background in management and entrepreneurship. Meet your instructors: Mario Schwery: Innovation Consultant, Founder Startup Mario, Lean Startup Orientation Research, Official Lean Startup Ambassador, Mentor & Community Leader, MSc Innovationmgmt & Entrepreneurship TU Berlin & Universiteit Twente, D School Potsdam Yulia Smotrova: Founder Time2Leap, former Corporate Innovation Manager at Philip Morris International, Official Lean Startup Ambassador, Mentor, Public Speaker, Stanford University Innovation & Entrepreneurship - D School, MBA More information about the host: Capgemini Invent is the digital innovation, consulting and transformation brand of the Capgemini Group. Our mission is to help CxOs envision and build what’s next for their businesses through the power of strategy + technology + data science + creative design = Capgemini Invent

  • Design Systems Meetup by Figma


    Register here: https://www.meetup.com/Figma-Berlin/events/254756898/ Unfortunately, we already reached maximum capacity for this event. Contact Anil, if you bigger space to host future events. Email: [masked]

  • Graphical interface to Voice interface

    WeWork Atrium Tower

    Create your 1st Amazon Alexa skill This workshop is for absolute beginners, coding knowledge not required. Create Amazon Alexa skill using Design sprint(process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers) & without code. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Agenda 6:00 PM - Doors Open 6:10 PM - Welcome by organizers 6:15 PM - Session 1: Design sprint for conversational interface. 7:00 PM - Session 2: Hands-on(learn by doing it), Prototyping(lets create our first Amazon Alexa skill) & facilitation by Anil Kumar (https://twitter.com/anilbms75) 7:45 PM - Pitch session 8:00 PM Networking ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Equipment Please bring your Laptop to create your Amazon Alexa Skill. We will provide Amazon Echo device for testing, workshop materials, sticky notes & Pens for the workshop. Contact us: Contact Anil at [masked] if you are interested in speaking at our future meetup or if you have a venue for the future event. @berlin_lean ( https://twitter.com/berlin_lean ) @anilbms75 ( https://twitter.com/anilbms75 ) Venue & drinks sponsor: Wework