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Talk about (Csaba Hruska and Peter Divianszky)

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LambdaCube 3D is a domain specific language and library that makes it possible to program GPUs in a purely functional style. Programming with LambdaCube constitutes of composing a data-flow description, which is compiled into a specialised library. The language provides a uniform way to define shaders and compositor chains by treating both streams and framebuffers as first-class values. Csaba Hruska and Peter Diviánszky will give an overview and we plan some live coding as well.

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LOCATION: this time we are hosted at . It's in the backyard next to the Baklava shop. Walk over the yard along the left wall, ring the co-up bell, proceed to the 3rd floor. If you have difficulties getting in, gather in groups and call me under +49 179 7733 223. co-up sais:


Please let your participants know that drinks can be found in the refrigerator and cost 1,50€ a piece, emphasizing that since we don't charge organizers for community events, the money we get from drinks sales helps us pay for the space & keep it open & free for initiatives like yours. Paying for the drinks is based on a trust system: the money should be put in the white bowl on the bar. Empty bottles should be put in the matching crates.


In order to access the Internet, connect to either "co_up" or "co_up_slow" with the password: clubmate. Open a browser to any page. If you are redirected to the captive portal, you will need to use the User Group guest account. Enter username: usergroup / password: login Give this information to your participants, too!

Getting in

On your event page, include these instructions for finding the space: Post a telephone number where you can be reached during the meetup so your participants can call in case the gate gets locked. Tell them to ring at "co.up" & then buzz open the door by simply entering in a browser. If you don't see "Come in!" after the page loads, the door can be opened the old-fashioned way by pushing the black button next to the receiver, to the left of the space door.


For wheelchair users & people with special accessibility needs, the elevator key (with a round head) is attached to the plush blue elephant sitting on the upper part of the bar in the 5th floor, or the pink one by the window in the kitchen on the 3rd floor. The key is necessary to open the elevator door from the outside on the ground floor, as well as sometimes to choose a floor. If the floor button doesn’t light up when you push it, there is a slot for the key to be placed in & turned, which at

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