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Living your best life today can be a real challenge. This meetup group exists to help New Yorkers come together to collaborate in getting into the driver's seat of their lives.

Organized by BestMe, a lifestyle design coaching company based right here in NYC, the BestMeetup brings together awesome people who want to leverage the science of wellbeing, productivity and lifestyle design to improve their quality of life.

The key theme in our meetups, which are generally a mix of high-quality programming and training sessions as well as networking, optimizing how you spend your time, money and attention in a way that meets your most important goals.

Learn to assess where you stand today, set strategic goals and create your best life through the use of habit-forming systems, coaching and peer-to-peer accountability.

Because at the end of the day, ask yourself: are you thriving, or just surviving? Life's too short not to live with passion, so get on board and join the tribe.

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