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[NOTE: We are having this event in Manhattan! Registration closes 24 hours before the event. This is when we will message you where to meet. When you RSVP, please use the name on ID you are using.]

In addition to our weekly hacknight that features lightning talks and project hacking, IBM will be teaching a tutorial on Smarter Cities Simulations.

This night will be broken into two components. First, we gather to have have a series of lightning talks. Three, 5 min detailed project updates. Then, we break into two groups. One will be our traditional project hacking and the other will join the IBMers on Smarter Cities Simulation tutorial.

For this week, the following community members will present lightning talks:

• IBM’s Smarter Cities Simulations BigApps 2014 BigIdea

• Richa Agarwal, 2013 Code for America Fellow and co-Founder of Post Code, will demo RecordTrac, open platform that makes it easy for agencies to communicate about public requests in a compliant, transparent, and efficient manner.

• Anita Schmid, Research Faculty Member at Weill Cornell Medical College, will share progress on the NYC daycare map project.

• Ariel Kennan, 2013 Code for America Fellow, will share a report back from Civic Design Camp and demo Designing Government, an introduction to design for public servants and a gathering place for the civic design community.

About BetaNYC’s weekly hacknight:

This is for technologists, designers, developers, and mapmakers who are working on projects. Consider this to be a bit of a study hall. Bring your projects, apps, datasets, and questions. We will try to collectively answer them.

About IBM’s Smarter Cities Simulations tutorial on System Dynamics

IBM will be teaching a tutorial on Smarter Cities Simulations combining Open Data with System Dynamics to enable BetaNYC members to team up with IBM, iSeeSystems, Ontodia, and others to compete in BigApps 2014 and create a Smarter Cities Simulation for NYC.

Everyone in New York has an opinion about what needs to be done. IBM’s BigIdea for BigApps 2014 is to create an Urban Policy Simulation Application for NYC that would let them explore those ideas. This simulation can help policy makers and citizens evaluate the impact of even the smallest policy decisions on the complex and interconnected ecosystem that is NYC.

Every day decisions are made - traffic rules changed, schools improved, permits issued, zoning updated - in an effort to provide services to citizens and every one of those decisions has consequences that ripple across the city and only become understood much later.

IBM’s Policy Simulation uses System Dynamics to model the NYC environment, Open Data to ground the model in measurements important to New Yorkers and a map based interface so that the results are clear at the neighborhood, borough and city levels. The result will be insights into how policy can change a city over time. IBM thinks this simulation can improve public awareness of policy options and enable more dynamic steering and governance in the future. It will provide a public sandbox for policies, causes, and effects that transforms the city's awareness of its future and propels policy conversations to a new plateau.

About BetaNYC:

We are NYC’s civic technology and open government vanguard. We are an organizing force for local civic engagement - a network of civic - minded volunteers who contribute their skills toward government and community service.