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What we’re about

We've been the NUMBER #1 place for author development since 2009 (and now global with Zoom). A couple of our members are award-winning authors with links to Hollywood.

We need your help. Writing is not easy. To place a reader in the middle of your story (showing through layering of sights, odors, sounds, tastes, and feelings), not just "telling," is hard work. Critiquing is even harder.

For each meeting, authors submit a chapter of their work via our DropBox three days prior to the meeting.

We use Word’s Track Changes and/or Comments to highlight anything that stopped or confused us as READERS, make suggested changes as WRITERS, then post them to the DropBox prior to the meeting. What the author saw clearly in their mind, often didn't make it to the page. Incredible insights and laughs have come from these meetings as well as spectacular writing.

Your Organizers:
David S. Larson -- This award-winning author of the unpublished The Last Jewish Gangster series has thrice optioned his book in Hollywood to turn into a movie or TV series. He has numerous published works including ghostwriting (dramatic love stories, thrillers, fiction fantasy, biography, apocalyptic), biographies/memoirs, historical fiction, and screenplays. Prior to deciding to pick up a pen, Mr. Larson spent a decade in the printing industry and then went into global corporate marketing. He writes in most genres, rewrites, and edits full time and can help aspiring authors by combining his breadth and depth of experience to make pages come alive.

Mike Gibbs -- This retired San Diego Police Sergeant just completed his second novel written for the YA Historical Fiction genre (mid-1700s American Indian plains tribe) -- High Plains Warrior Novels. Mike is a wilderness tracker (of both humans and animals) and is an amateur animal behaviorist and cultural anthropologist. His knowledge concerning military (he was a Green Beret) jargon and processes, police (36 years with SD PD) procedures, and a wealth of expertise comes in handy when writers are looking to put readers in the scene.

Well, that's the tip of the iceberg/spear about us. We look forward to reading your work and getting to know you and your story.


Dave and Mike