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    Hey there....been awhile.
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    I have been playing music for 37 years now. I have hosted open mics for 22 of the 37 years. I try using the best mics and PA equipment for the best sound. Come out to one of my open mics and have a good time.
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    I love music! Singing, playing, listening, studying. Most of all, I love teaching guitar and ukulele. rayforton.com
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    Just an old coot who still loves to play.
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    I'm a full time musician...
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    I head up the acoustic-grunge band ilyAIMY, work part-time at House of Musical Traditions working on acoustic instruments of all sorts and when I'm home I host my most-favourite of musical activities: open mics.
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    I like to perform oldies, Buffett, & sing along fun songs on the guitar. I performed as a dueling piano player at LittleDittys, taught music in a Balto City School for 11 years and I now have a DJ company called All Requests DJ. wwwBillyZee.com
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    Love Music!!
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    Hello fellow Musicians. I attended an open mic night at Wet Willy's and survived. Now I'd like to get to know the people better and become a participating member. It was fun and I enjoyed the music. RonC
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    The BGG has given me the avenue to improve tremendously and to have a great time with great people. I would not be where I am now without the BGG!!! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!
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    Bill Libkey made me do it! I liked it. I keep doing it! Bassist for THE Wharf Rats, LIVE and occasionally with UXO and KING LEWMAN as well as sporadic sit-ins...