32nd meetup - New school year has started

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32nd meetup already, with really interesting presentations on Spark + Cassandra and Spark + Akka + Kafka.

However, we'd like to combine it with another great Cassandra presentation. So, if you would like to present a topic that is of interest to our members, or know somebody who has a great use case, drop us an email!!!

Combining Spark and Cassandra for Analytics (Gerard Maas - VirData)
Apache Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Apache Spark is a fast, general purpose cluster-computing framework that provides a modular approach to different areas of data manipulation.
When combined together, Spark + Cassandra creates a symbiotic system where Cassandra provides a scalable distributed storage and Spark enables complex computation on the data that would not be possible using only Cassandra native interfaces, such as CQL.

After a short introduction of these two systems, we will explore the Cassandra-Spark-Connector, as the de-facto glue to make these two clustered data systems work together. Using several live code samples, we will illustrate some general usage patterns that are applicable to wide range of use-cases, enabling attendants to apply those concepts to their own business areas.

Building a distributed telco simulator with Spark + Akka + Kafka (Thoralf Gutierrez - Real Impact Analytics)
Real Impact Analytics provides BI applications for telecommunication companies across many different countries. Benchmarking our solutions against countries of different sizes requires testing data sets that are representative of the real world. To solve this problem, we've build a telco simulator using Spark to create a virtual world, Akka agents to bring the world to life and Kafka streams to record everything that's happening.

In this presentation, we'll explain the many business goals solved by such a simulator and the technical problems that we ran into while building this complex distributed system.

Thank you

Big thanks to VirData and Technicolor for hosting us and providing the venue and light catering.

See you all there!