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This is a discovery group for technology enthusiasts who want to learn advanced topics in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Data Science; this includes engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and developers of all skill levels. Welcome, everybody! Together we will network, learn, and develop new technology.

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Mathematics for Data Science

Online event

Data Science is fundamentally a mathematical discipline, and competence in this field is a function of mathematical proficiency.

In other words, to be a great data scientist is to be a great mathematician.

In this workshop, we will talk about the central mathematical ideas in the domain of data science and, in particular, machine learning. We'll also go over a roadmap for learning mathematics more effectively.

We will go over the topics involving Optimization, Matrices, Probability, and techniques in Statistics.

You do not need to be an expert in any of these subjects to benefit from this event, since our goal is to understand the intuition of these topics.

- Main Components of Data Science
- How Mathematics is Used
-- Discrete Mathematics
-- Mathematical Statistics
-- Probability Theory
-- Calculus & Analysis
-- Linear Algebra
- Mathematical Foundations

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Module 3 - Inferential Statistics and Regression Analysis

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