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Western Greenway Trail Ride (Belmont & Waltham)

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Last weekend's trail ride was a big success, so let's follow up with another trail ride. The Western Greenway ( is a well-kept secret in Belmont and Waltham. It's been growing over the years and is now over 10 miles long, with another 10-15 miles of side trails. It's not a closed loop yet, but we will ride most of it and then close the loop with one road segment. This is definitely a mountain-bikes only ride, but it's not a super technical trail. Which is a good thing, since I'm not a very technical rider :) For those of you on last weekend's ride, this ride will be a bit slower and more technical, but with much more variety. There is lots of narrow singletrack, a few wide-open and smooth sections, a few rocky sections, and a few hilly sections. I wouldn't recommend this ride to someone who has never been mountain biking before, but if you've been at least once you should be fine. Besides, there's no shame in carrying the bike over some obstacles, I do it all the time :)

Here's where we are meeting. If you travel by commuter rail or bus then the Waverley Square stop is a short ride away, at the bottom of this map:

Note that we are meeting in the Lone Tree Hill parking lot on the right as you head up Mill St, not the Rock Meadow parking lot on the left that's a hundred feet further up the street.

Here's a map of the Western Greenway trail:

We are riding most of the blazed section, starting at the P sign just below the "Rock Meadow" on the map. Then we close the loop by riding north on Forest St. to get back to the Beaver Brook North reservation, where we will take different trails back to Mill Street.

Let's meet at 11am, start riding no later than 11:15am. It's hard to tell how long this will take, since it depends a lot on the group. I'm guessing we will definitely be back by 3pm. Since this truly is an off-road ride, there are no bathrooms or any other facilities.

What's required
Bike helmets and Mt Bikes
Minimum 1 full water bottle
Snacks (energy bars, etc.)

What's recommended:
Spare tire, repair kit, an extra layer, and a cell phone.


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