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Bicycle technology is changing fast. Tubeless tires. Wider rims. Disc brakes. Hydraulic lines instead of brake cables. Brakes mounted in funny places for better aerodynamics. Steering tubes 1.5 inches in diameter, or tapered. Electronic shifting. Frames made of space age materials and designs. How much of this technology has trickled down to affordable bicycles?

Geoff Gould, owner of Miles Ahead Cyclery, will talk to us about advanced road bike technology: wheels, cables, saddle design and materials, asymmetric frames, tapered forks, and a lot more. Is all steel the same? Is all carbon the same? What about those “century” bikes or the frames that claim to dampen vibration?

Michael Stimpson, owner of Arizona Bicycle Experts, will speak on modern trends in mountain bike technology. What’s new and different about tires, front forks, wheel sizes, frame geometry, rear suspension? Have you ever questioned: why choose a 29" wheel over a 27.5" wheel? What’s with different sizes of shocks and forks and head tube angles, and what does it all mean for a safe ride?