GABA General Meeting: Get More Training From Your Training Miles

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We all know what it's like to have tightened muscles “cramp” beyond speakable words.

Is it a chore to remain hydrated daily, during a ride, and post-ride?

What stops you from stretching and staying hydrated daily?

Are today’s modern technology gadgets getting in the way of why you bike? Or are you getting the most out of your training because of new technology?

For over 20 years, with patience and a thorough knowledge of the human body, Eric Alikpala has helped clients achieve greater strength and a renewed motivation for a healthy lifestyle. As an athlete himself, he knows what it feels like to “bonk” or recover from injury. With the same continued passion decade after decade, Eric trains others, teaches, and continues to endure as the best person and athlete he can be.

Mr. Alikpala received his master’s degree in physical education at San Diego State University, and then completed a second master’s degree in physiological sciences at the University of Arizona. He specializes in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation, athletic endurance training, aging and disease states, and exercise to address joint limitations.