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Julian Wash Out n Back D/1/10-wheels roll at 4:00

Photo of Bonnie Petersen
Hosted By
Bonnie P.


Ride Description:

• Pace: 10 for 10 miles

• Terrain: Flat - It's the trail

• Start Time: 4:00 PM. Come early for meet & greet

• Traffic: zip, none, nada

• Ride Type: Social - No Drop

• Map Link: Julian Wash Greenway Map (

A short out n back on a very scenic and low traffic part of the loop trail. This ride is designed for those of us that are just getting started or have been off the bike for awhile. Distance may build on future rides. Come join this group as we get started.

Ride Coordinator: Bonnie Petersen @ 520-975-3171


• Appropriate food & fluids for about 1 hour.
• Bring a tube and a way to inflate it. Make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition to start the ride.
• Helmets must be worn at all times while riding. No ear buds! This is a requirement and not a request.
• Obey traffic laws and remember you are a representative of the greater cycling community and should conduct yourself that way on the road. Please represent GABA well.

GABA Ride Types
• Social – No Drop – we ride together two abreast where conditions permit. We often have a sweep rider and no one gets dropped
• Re Group – We ride in smaller groups at our own pace and regroup at specified points in the route
• Training Ride – The route is posted and all riders need to be self sufficient

Please select GABA rides where you are confident that you can ride the posted distance and pace. If you are looking for a different pace or distance contact any GABA Ride leader to request a ride. We LOVE requests!

GABA Ride Codes
• A 20+ mph
• B+ 18-20 mph
• B 16-18 mph
• C+ 14-16 mph
• C 12-14 mph
• D 8-12
• 1 Flat
• 2 Minor Hills
• 3 Moderate Hills
• 4 Long Climbs or Very Steep

Photo of Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA) group
Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)
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