Tucson, AZ

Joined group

Mar 24, 2017

Have you joined GABA ? If not, find us at

Yes, I joined today

Have you participated in other Meetup Groups?

I recently joined meet-up so I haven't participated in any other one yet, but I will.

Tell us a little about the kind of cycling you have been doing the last couple of years.

I moved to Tucson last October, I lived in Canada before where I used to do mountain biking. Since I moved here, I thought I will give road biking a try as Tucson seems so good for this kind of biking. I bought a road bike last February, and I have been riding it every week, 3 times a week at least, sometimes more. My average speed now is 15 miles/hour, but I want to increase my mileage and speed by riding with others in longer rides.