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SWFL Critical Mass (the MASSIVE monthly evening ride)

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Come out and enjoy a large group slow ride with SWFL Critical Mass!
We'll first meet up at the Publix side lot, then ride through Artwalk in town, then through all the beautiful neighborhoods surrounding the Edision home. Halfway point for a 10 minute break and onto the next 5.5 miles. Nice easy pace of 8-10mph.
Tailgate starts at 7:00 (though many arrive earlier)
We roll at 7:30. Here are the SWFL Critical Mass ride guidelines: 1. YOU RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Your being careful and responsible is up to you. We announce the ride, ride along, enjoy.

  1. Be nice, nice works!
    Being nice during one of those rare situation, keeps our
    positive wavelength strong -even if they don't receive
    your kindness in the moment.
    If they escalate anger, kindly ride away.
  2. Lights are a must on night time group rides.
    You need to be seen by cars and the riders surrounding
    you. Put head & tail lights in NON flash mode.
    There are a lot of us riding, though we are careful, a bike to bike fall can easily cause injury.
  3. Ride speed is 8-10 mph.
    If you're a slow rider, it is easier if you keep toward the front of the group.
  4. Do not overtake the front of group ride leader.
    If you see others in front, it is because they have been instructed to do so.
  5. Keep to the right side of the road & allow space on left for Corkers (passage clearance scouts) to pass.
    If you are told to move out of the way by a Corker, please do so, we're all inthis for enjoyment and NO injuries.
  6. Ride with consistency (no weaving) & communicate
    If you're passing someone, just an easy, "Passing on your left" is all it takes. Shout out potholes, or other needed information to those behind you.
  7. Keep the swarm of bikes tight (No more than a 3 bike spread).
  8. When you ride with SWFL CM you leave your worries behind. If you want them later, they'll be there.
  9. 4. Helmets. Falls can happen quickly and unexpectedly, it is definitely best to wear a helmet. Legally required without exception if you are under 16 years of age. Protect your brain and your pretty face, helmets do save you from injuries, traumas and potentially your life.

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