• BioBeers: Show and Tell plus Break It with Beer

    Industrious Boulder

    Dear Friends and Colleagues, come join us for month 2 of BioBeers for 2019 at Industrious. Beer is on the house - thank you Industrious! Last months crew liked the new format of open networking with user testing in the board room, so we will be looking for new devices and technology from members to share and user test! Also, please invite your physician and clinician friends! We will be testing Open Care Networks that night too. Submit your ideas for testing and sharing ASAP and will we post a summary prior to the event. Thank you!!!

  • BioBeers & "Break It with Beer" User Testing!

    Industrious Boulder

    BioBeers is back! Come join us for an evening of good beer and friendly conversation on healthcare, health tech and life science in Boulder. Beer and space complements of Industrious. We will start to host BioBeers with a new activity for 2019 - BioBeers: "Break it with Beer" User Testing. If you want to test or pitch your idea or product to 60-70 local attendees, please reach out. Come join us and reconnect with friends and colleagues - old and new!

  • 1Q18 | Spring Countdown...

    Gunbarrel Brewing Company

    • What we'll do We look forward to celebrating the first BioBeers of 2018 with you! BioBeers ... Where Great Minds Drink Alike! • What to bring • Important to know

  • BioBeers | Fall Fest 4Q17

    Gunbarrel Brewing Company

    Friends and Colleagues, BioBeers | Fall Fest 4Q17 is on! We’ve been invited by our new/old friends and humble artisans at Gunbarrel Brewing Combany, Jamie Fox, Ph.D. (neuro scientist and proud BioBeers alum turned brewoligist) and his lovely wife and talented business partner Marie. We look forward to celebrating autumn and the holiday season with you! This is a new host/location, we hope you will bring some extra friends with you as we help support new Boulder county businesses that have ties to BioBeers as we celebrate 10 YEARS OF BIOBEERS! BioBeers … Where Great Minds Drink Alike! We look forward to your thoughts on this new locale, please share your opinions with me [masked] Thanks!

  • BioBeers | Boulder-Back

    Rayback Collective

    Friends and Colleagues, The 2017 BioBeers Tour makes it's next stop in Boulder way back at the Rayback. Our To-Do List: • File taxes • RSVP to BioBeers • Share the http://biobeers.com link w/ friends and colleagues • Thank HippoHealth (http://www.hippohealth.com) for sponsoring another edition of BioBeers! See you soon... BioBeers ... Where Great Minds Drink Alike!

  • BioBeers | Back in the Denver Groove

    Bioscience Park Center Lobby @ Fitzsimons

    Friends and Colleagues, We are excited to update you with details on BioBeers | Back in the Denver Groove. Our 2017 lead double-helix sponsor, HippoHealth (http://www.hippohealth.com/), continues to make certain no one suffers thirst for ale by providing a keg or two from Ursula Brewery (http://ursulabrewery.com/) (see the poll to help decide on your preferred combo of grains, hops and yeast). We are also pleased to announce that our 2017 stop-codon sponsor, the Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority (http://fitzscience.org/about/), will be providing both space and snacks for us. Did you know the mission of FRA is to support the health and well being of life science companies. Did You Know • HippoHealth (http://www.hippohealth.com/) provides Coloradans with easy, immediate access to expert medical care. They are seeking everyday folks, like you and me, to provide product feedback designed to help optimize their service. The team at HippoHealth will make it worth your while in exchange for your product feedback: sign up at http://www.hippohealth.com (http://www.hippohealth.com/) and use the beta-tester promo code freehippo • Did you know the mission of Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority (http://fitzscience.org/about/) is to support the health and well being of life science companies. Check out how at http://fitzscience.org (http://fitzscience.org/) • If you would like to present your research/science/service/company/product/technology at BioBeers | Back in the Denver Groove please send your 5-slide max .ppt to: [masked] • Prime Health is seeking an interim executive director/CEO. Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to the Prime Health BOD, attention: [masked] Help BioBeers help you! Please forward the http://BioBeers.com link to your network and encourage them to join by clicking the JOIN button. We thank you! Looking forward to seeing you soon. BioBeers … Where Great Minds Drink Alike!

  • BioBeers | 2017 Kickoff

    Rayback Collective

    BioBeers is Back! Wanting to connect with life science and health tech entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and health professionals on a more personal level? Wanting to network and collaborate to create your next venture in bioscience or health care? Mark your calendars and come join us! The first beer is on us! :-) It will be fun to get this event up and rolling with 8+ events planned for 2017. We hope to see old friends and new faces to connect the life science and health care community on a deeper level. Come join us at The Rayback in Boulder (https://therayback.com/about)on Wednesday February 15th at 6 PM for good conversations, drink, food and fun...More details on the event to come soon! We will have several short presentations by startups. Please let us know if your company would be interested in participating in future events.

  • BioBeers | Back-2-Skool Edition with BBHH!

    Ursula Brewery

    Friends and Colleagues, How's about an ice cold pint to break up the week and before some of us have our first exams (ha!). Let's mix-an-mingle amongst the shimmering aspen, celebrate the autumnal equinox, and saddle up with out sister meetup - the CU Academia Industry Alliance at Anschutz. Please share this invite with your network, and follow us on the twitter @BioBeers. Thank you! adam [masked]

  • BioBeers | 2016 Spring-Fling

    Twisted Pine Brewery

    Hello Friends & Colleagues! We are excited to announce our next edition: BioBeers | 2016 Spring-Fling And while the debate of Denver v. Boulder is likely to rage on in perpetuity here are the results from the most recent locale survey: So we will be back out on the patio again, under the stars at the St. Julian.* We are early in our planning, therefore if you are interested in (co)sponsoring the event, and reaching hundreds of righteous CO life science companies and uber-talented workforce please ping me for details on how you can easily and inexpensively reach your targeted demographic and efficiently distribute your message: [masked] General membership ask: Will you please forward the http://BioBeers.com link to one friend/colleague on Monday and indicate they should join in on our merriment and simply click the Join button to enroll in our Meetup. Thank you for your help with attempting to grow our membership, last count we are >1,300 beer swilling members strong, and growing! Be sure to RSVP Please stay tuned for more details... BioBeers ... Where Great Minds Drink Alike *Assuming locale is cost feasible

  • Free Ride to Caucus

    Needs a location

    Need a ride? Call Lyft! Free Credit for New Riders https://www.lyft.com/invited/SUPERTUESDAY If you are a Democrat, visit coloradodems.org/action/2016-caucus-locations (http://www.coloradodems.org/action/2016-caucus-locations) or call the party at (303)[masked] to find your caucus location. If you are a Republican, visit caucus.cologop.org (http://caucus.cologop.org/) or call (303) 758- 3333 to find your caucus location. The parties encourage members to arrive by 6:30 p.m. to register ahead of the 7 p.m. start. Any person in line at 7 p.m. will still be allowed to participate.