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What we’re about

Our focus is to promote learning and experiencing a lifestyle which optimizes human performance. As biohackers, we strive to make lifestyle and dietary changes to improve the functioning of our mind and body. Our group emphasizes a natural holistic approach to achieving true mind-body wellness. And we like to make it fun, of course!

As a licensed medical physician, I've been trained in diagnosing disease and prescribing therapies/medicine. However, I believe that my most basic purpose as a doctor is to be a teacher. The word "doctor" is actually derived from the Latin verb which means "to teach." And I know that teaching others to be the healthiest they can be does not always mean prescribing them a pill.

So I developed this group to create and curate educational experiences so that we can all learn to achieve our ultimate health, happiness, and performance. Our events are sometimes pure education and sometimes exciting adventure, but we strive to always have fun!

Whether you are new to biohacking or consider yourself a full-fledged biohacker, you are welcome to join our friendly and dynamic group!