Brooklyn, NY

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Apr 30, 2017


I am 42 year old bisexual black woman. I am also a social worker in the child welfare system. I also feel some angst over never followed my dream to sing/act. My goal is to do international SW. I love documentaries, politics, kids, activism,& 2 talk.

In or out?

In- but trying to come out.

You lead a double life as a superhero. What's your name & super power?

Lula Joe's Pumpkin because my grandmothers name was Lula Joe and her nickname for me was pumpkin. My super power would be to heal people's pain from traumatic experiences so that the pain doesn't compromise their ability to give and receive love.

You're stranded on an island. What 3 things do you wish you had?

Books, friends, family.

Would you rather: eat or drink?