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Bitcoin Sheffield: How do lightweight wallets work?

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Bitcoin Sheffield: How do lightweight wallets work?


If you've ever sent or received bitcoins, you've almost certainly done it using a lightweight wallet.

But how do they work, and how secure are they?

At this meetup Jake Rawsthorne (Computer Science student at University of Sheffield) will cover the mechanics of lightweight wallets, so you'll have a better understanding of the benefits and trade-offs of using one.

Jake's GitHub:


About the talk.

"This talk will explain what a light wallet is and how it differs from other types of wallets. You'll understand how your wallet knows when you've received a transaction and how it verifies that transaction is valid according to the rules of Bitcoin. This will include an explanation of the basic idea behind simplified payment verification (SPV) including its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to security and privacy."


About Jake.

"I'm a third year Computer Science student at the University of Sheffield and got interested in Bitcoin after listening to an Andreas Antonopoulos interview. I was immediately drawn in by the idea of a censorship resistant currency not controlled by a single party and since then I've tried my best to understand how every part of it works. I really enjoy explaining what I've learned to other people and hope they become as interested in it as I have."


What is this meetup for?

If you're interested in Bitcoin, this meetup is for you. All skill levels are welcome.


What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, no laptop needed.


Will there be free beer and pizza?

No, but we will head to the pub afterwards.


What time does it start?

The talk starts at 6.30PM. But if you arrive early the doors will be open from 6PM. Just push the buzzer and wait for reception to let you in.

See you there!

Arundel Street · Sheffield
27 spots left