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CoinFest is back as a repeat event, to celebrate new developments in the Bitcoin community. The occasion this time? The Bitcoiniacs have brought the world's first Bitcoin ATM to Vancouver, here at Waves Coffee House! Come see for yourself! On top of that, new businesses were signed up--like Old Ginger restaurant, thanks to SFU Bitcoin Club and the Co-op--and now you can witness all the new developments happening in Bitcoin land at COINFEST: Round 2. We've got way more exciting things to check out. So, how will it work?

CoinFest is a fun gathering for people of all kinds who are curious about Bitcoin. Here you can practice and learn about the revolutionary technology and concept behind new digital money. It's also the perfect place for Bitcoin afficionados. CoinFest serves as a free platform for the exchange of goods, services, currencies and ideas--an exciting event of freedom and opportunity, where you can meet the innovators who drive this movement forward. Intended as a hub for the Bitcoin economy, CoinFest showcases how it works for anyone to see. There will be plenty of attractions, such as:

• The Coinfest physical Bitcoin Faucet, an offline Bitcoin giveaway service that provides free Bitcoins to stimulate the crypto-economy. Those who have never had any Bitcoin, before, can get a couple dollars' worth from the Faucet.

• The Faucet also provides the prizes and bolsters the prize pool in the Bitcoin Poker Games. We have games with small buy ins for people who just want to try out using bitcoins.

• An amazing race, in which competing teams must be first to complete tasks at each of the participating Bitcoin venues. The team to complete each task first wins a prize. The team to complete all of the tasks first wins a grand prize.

• Live ambient music from a volunteer musician playing in the background. If you enjoy it, please consider tipping the musician a little BTC for his or her hard work.

• Tables arranged for anyone who wants to set up demonstration booths for digital coin trading (altcoins are allowed), merchandise, or discussion about a service or cause. Accommodations will be chosen by and moderated at the discretion of the event organizer.

• The CoinFest Mining Demo Booth, a joint project between Bryan Hellard and CoinFest! He builds and demonstrates a Bitcoin mining rig that grows via a small take from each group buy made at CoinFest. Watch the Block Erupters multiply!

• 2 meeting rooms (1 large, 1 small), free for your booking any time during the event. Some activities may be given priority. If you have any ideas for a presentation, seminar, panel or discussion, start a comment thread about that idea or email me at [masked].

CoinFest has no rules beyond common courtesy (and decency) and those required by law; however, there are some guidelines that you should be aware of. The space and staff for this event are graciously provided by the chosen Bitcoin venue free of charge, so please purchase at least one item from the venue. This also encourages more venues to accept bitcoins in the future. CoinFest is an ardent supporter of cryptocurrency and does not work with fiat or venues that refuse to accept Bitcoin.

The organizer of this event does not charge any money to the Bitcoin venue or the event participants. It takes work, though, so if you want to, you may donate BTC to him at 13SH6sEaETA5Ca7Gb5kb1Yv5SjqxauvKdm. If you possess more than a few hundred bitcoins, or you are a business that will profit from this event, it is recommended that you donate and write him a nice message at [masked].

Individuals and businesses that support the CoinFest will be be recognized by the host and the community in many ways, and may be given preferred accommodations. For the inaugural CoinFest, 50% of the bitcoins raised will go directly to the Bitcoin Cooperative's Non-profit Bitcoin Outreach Fund, to be used for spreading Bitcoin awareness and acceptance in a manner chosen democratically by the community.

This event is a work in progress. The above guidelines are subject to change from one CoinFest to another as necessity demands. If you have any problems on the day of the event, you can reach Andrew Wagner at[masked]