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Blockchain Gaming: Q&A with CryptoKitties

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DCTRL Vancouver

436 West Pender · Vancouver, BC

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Down the stairs behind the black door to the left of Bangtown Hair Salon

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It's time once again for the monthly Blockchain Gaming Meetup, a series of events hosted by, the first website dedicated to blockchain-based video games. Massive attention (and money) is being poured into this sub-industry following the popular success of CryptoKitties, and we're going to cover every blockchain game one by one and livestream it to our YouTube channel for educational purposes.

For our third Meetup, one of the CryptoKitties creators themselves are coming to pay us a visit! In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard, they put digital cats on the Ethereum blockchain for you to collect. New cats are bred by pairing old ones together, and the creators are encouraging the development of games which utilize them, such as KittyRace, as well as other tools as part of one massive KittyVerse.

Each cat is registered as a non-fungible token (NFT, colloquially called "nifty") according to the ERC-721 standard. AxiomZen recently ignited a heated debate about the nature of blockchain asset ownership by trademarking the term NIFTY and creating a Nifty License, which defines the rights of owners and creators of NFTs such as CryptoKitties.

Our guest from AxiomZen will explain how CryptoKitties works for the unfamiliar and cover the various projects emerging from the KittyVerse. They would also like honest but polite feedback regarding the Nifty License; open source pirates are welcome and encouraged to participate, but anyone who exceeds a certain decibel or profanity level will be cut off from the free beer from B2Expand... and potentially asked to leave. Whichever is worse.