What we're about

black girls breathing was created with the intention to provide a safe space for black womxn to unfold and pour into themselves, as one cannot heal where they are not seen. bgb is fostering a community of like-minded and like-spirited black sisterhood committed to their healing and expansion as a necessary act of resistance in today’s world through meditational breathwork.

next month, founder Jasmine Marie, will be moderating the black mental health panel at Harvard Business’s AASU Conference and wants to bring this medicine and group to black womxn in Boston.

black girls breathing is currently planning a tour for 2019 and will use March’s event and this meetup as a gauge of whether there is enough interest in Boston for our work to be supported here continuously.

this group is for self-identifying black womxn.

stay tuned as meetup / event details will be dropped this week.

About breathwork:

breathwork is a powerful active meditation technique used to usher stagnant energy out of the body, help acknowledge and release difficult emotions and traumas, and decrease anxiety and stress; thereby creating space for more creativity, self-trust, self-love, and living life from a place of love not fear or old traumas.

About the host:

Jasmine Marie is a breathworker and mindfulness practitioner. She's made space for others through 1 on 1 sessions and organizations such as Cornell University, Columbia University, NYU, and UCLA amongst others. 'black girls breathing' was her solution to offer a more accessible (economical and geographical) way for her community to experience breathwork. Breathwork has been a life-changing tool for her healing and expansion and she's so honored to make space for other black women to heal themselves with this medicine.

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