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What we’re about

This is a space for Black women who:

  • Want to heal and liberate themselves from white-supremacist-toxic-capitalist-imperialist patriarchal conditioning
  • Like doing all kinds of interesting and different activities in L.A.
  • Want to have deep conversations and connect as human beings, beyond surface-level ish
  • Desire to experience soul-nourishing pleasure, leisure, rest, and play not just in the meetups, but in the way you operate your life;
  • Want to expand their mindsets and self-care practices beyond what you already know. We discuss religion here and often the problematic nature and origins of major religions that are taken for granted as truth just because lots of people follow them.
  • Think about questions like, “What does it take to truly THRIVE in this life?”
  • Question social and cultural norms about what’s considered right and acceptable;
  • Believe (or want to believe) that Black women are the SHIT!!!

We have both in-person and virtual events. That means, join the community, even if you’re not in L.A.

This group is led by P. Valerie Dauphin of Feel Good Kick Ass™. I’m an Author and Internal Liberation Life & Mindset Coach and I help humans create whatever results they desire for their life, while kicking the patriarchy's ass. I'm certified, trauma-responsive, and healing-centered with a background as a dance teaching artist/educator and DEI race and equity facilitator.

To explore working together through private coaching, visit my website.

I'm also on Instagram.