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Chariot of Eternity of Ordo Templi Orients is chartered in the Valley of Cleveland, Ohio. Chariot of Eternity is an initiating body of the O.T.O., being chartered to conduct the “Man of Earth” (0′ – III’) Degree initiations of the O.T.O.
Additionally, Chariot of Eternity performs the Gnostic Catholic Church’s (EGC) Gnostic Mass regularly. Chariot of Eternity also holds weekly meetings on a myriad of subjects from ceremonial magic, Thelemic ritual, and esoterica to philosophy, politics, and literature.
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Black Sun Virtual Happy Hour

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Interpersonal Communications (FVP)

Black Sun Lodge, O.T.O.


LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

Friday Night Tarot Salon

Black Sun Lodge, O.T.O.

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