10th Heidelberg blockchain Meetup

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HD - blockchain Meetup
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Travin Keith is a long-time member of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community since 2013 and has been involved in numerous projects and communities such as the Nxt Foundation, SICOS, Hyperledger, BitcoinMarkets, and his own company, Agavon. He will be starting off his presentation with anecdotal stories about his early days in the space and how he came to work full time in the industry while living in the northernmost town in the world - Longyearbyen, Svalbard, then will go into a few details about his current projects as well as observations and thoughts about the current state of the space. His presentation will end with an interesting free use case currently not being worked on presented in story form.

Looking forward seeing a lot of you in person.

rAimund & Ingo

P.S. the presentation will be held in English

=== Standard Information Follows ===

It has been a while since our last meetup. We would be happy to meet you over a beer or other beverage and bring together blockchain knowledge from within the Rhein-Neckar region.

Find out who is interested in what and if anybody probably has answers to your questions already.

We can cover a wide range of topics. Including but not limited to

• Basics and Fundamentals of blockchain

• Industries, Scenarios and Use Cases

• Conceptual Topics (such as public vs. private vs. consortium blockchain)

• Technological Questions (why blockchain vs. standard database technology)

This meeting will be what we all make of it. Looking forward an engaging discussion.