What we're about

We are dedicated to learning and exploring the impact of “financializing” assets into digital security or utility tokens using blockchain technology. Some of the topics to be covered include:
+ Spectrum of assets types (i.e. real estate, securities, virtual swords, unit-of-work, an athlete's career)
+ Security token vs. utility token
+ Platforms and dApps
+ Token availability to accredited vs. non-accredited investor
+ Custodianship, resale and inheritance
+ Sovereign and international regulatory frameworks
+ Decentralized vs. centralized network governance and compliance
+ Taxation (local, state/provincial, federal/national)
+ Role of smart contracts, off-chains, oracles, ML, AI, vision
+ Economic models, mechanics and incentives
+ Weeding through the hype and exuberance

If you are interested, come. Meet and interact with early blockchain learners, students, software developers/entrepreneurs, policy wonks, financial professionals, regulators, economists, investors - essentially anyone who realizes the huge impact tokenized assets will have on main street and the global financial system.

Expect engaging presentations and discussions from subject matter experts spanning the blockchain community, software developers/entrepreneurs, policy makers, financial professionals, attorneys, VCs/Hedge Funds/investors, consumer watchdogs and sociologists - just to name a few. Want to lend your expertise/opinion to the discourse? We welcome it! Send us a notification.

“If you calculate the value of all stocks, in all companies, in all countries, globally then technically you get the market cap of Planet Earth. In just the last few months, total market cap has rocketed to $80 trillion and is heading steadily toward $100 trillion worldwide.”
12/2017, Business Insider/Bloomberg
https://www.businessinsider.com/global-mark ...

And that is today's best known and valued asset: securities. Tomorrow's global market will include many more asset types, unlocked via tokenization. This is exactly why you can’t sit on the sidelines. Join us today and stay informed.

*** Disclaimer ***
Content and presentations are NOT an endorsement or recommendation of any organization, product, financial offering or instrument and should not be construed as financial advise.

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