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What we’re about

This meetup, organised by (a member organisation representing NZ companies working in this space) is for New Zealand business owners, technologists, developers and enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about this fascinating technology. We'll have meetings/event ranging from a few people getting together in a bar through to paid events with international speakers. Some events will be aimed at beginners others at experts in specific blockchain niches. If you would like to speak or run events please get in contact with the organisers.

Please visit for more details. For Wellington events please visit Blockchain-Wellington

Blockchain technology offers a fundamentally new way to build software that has the potential to change the way organisations, government and society operate. The Blockchain (now an umbrella term that includes a number of technologies/concepts including smart contracts, Initial Coin Offerings, Security Tokens, Distributed Ledger Technologies) gives us a way to build new “decentralised” software systems and organisations.